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Howard Hosseini

Howard started Fraser Heights Pharmacy in 1995. Along way we added home health care and compounding services. 

Julia Nichol

Julia grew up in Fraser Heights and has worked mornings at the pharmacy for over 10 years. She is a Certified Natural Products Advisor and a Doula. Her area of interest is in herbal vitamins and homeopathic remedies and she is able to answer questions about our nursing and pumping products. She also helps out in the compounding lab. 

Martin Bhang

Martin has been at the pharmacy since 2004. He does most of the compounding at the pharmacy. Languages spoken: English and Korean.

Maria Crisostomo

Maria has been working at Fraser Heights Pharmacy for 5 years. She is the Pharmacy Assistant and works most afternoons. Maria is a certified compression stocking fitter. Languages spoken: English and Tagalog.

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